These Halls Are Like An Ocean

I walk into these halls, they seem so big, so empty

I don’t know what I am to become or be

So many faces, so many minds, I don’t know if I should sit or if I should fly

I can discover who I really am here, this is the time I am free to be who I want to be

These halls are like an ocean, they seem so deep, so interesting, and so scary, but I am ready to dive


I feel bright and not so full of fear

I know who I am in the moment, but past that is not yet defined

I have my people, I have found my place

I am working really hard but also trying to give myself space

I swim and swim and try to make it as far as possible

These halls are like an ocean, a really deep one where I keep swimming to meet the end of the ocean, I’m drowning in the deep blue water trying to bring myself afloat, I start to wonder why I had ever given myself hope


Now here I am ready to give up but realize I made it

I am sad to leave the halls in which I have finally found my place in

I know who I want to be and I am ready to start this race

These halls are like an ocean, I swam so far to my endpoint til I finally made it out of the ocean. It was deep I learned so many things in this ocean, met so many people, and drowned endlessly in this ocean, and I made my way out and kept a strong face. This ocean I shall cherish forever, for it is the one that finally showed me my place