5 fun things to do in Chicago this summer as a teenager

As a teenager in the summer, we all know finding things to do may be hard. Whether it’s for your own enjoyment, or to hang out with your friends or loved ones. Here are 5 great fun activities to do during this summer in Chicago:

#1 Go to Chicago, Downtown and go out to eat- When it comes to Downtown Chicago, they have an ample amount of food places to eat at, it is something as basic as Mcdonald’s or something as fun as Ed Debevics. Though if you do choose this lovely restaurant Ed Debevics, be prepared for the rudest waiter you may ever have.

#2 Go to a museum- this one is for all the people who enjoy science, history, or just museums in general. If you are under the age of 18 there are assigned days that you can attend museums like the Field Museum, Museum of Science and Industry, etc free of charge.

#3 Take a walk- If you are a person who values your exercise, The lakefront trail has a great bath for you to walk run, or ride. There are scooters and divvy bikes all across the hyde park area or downtown area (whichever you decide to start your trail) if you enjoy riding down the trail more than walking.

#4 Have a Picnic with your friends/family in the park- Chicago has great parks and in the summer they would be perfect for picnics, recommended parks that are free of charge is Grant Park, Humboldt Park, Jackson Park, etc.

#5 Go to see a movie- There are movie theatres all throughout Chicago, you can call up one of your friends and go see a movie. A Movie theatre that is really good is the Roosevelt collection center movie theatre downtown, If you get bored and want to do something else there is fortunately a strip mall connected to the theatre, also it is downtown, and you can do a lot of other stuff as well.

These are 5 great Ideas that I myself have done and you can do over the summer with your friends or family. School is almost over and you deserve to have as much fun as you desire before we are right back in school. I hope you all enjoy your summer, eventful or not.