The Willow Project

The Willow project is a $6 million project to drill oil in Alaska by ConocoPhillips COP.N. The oil will be located in the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska according to Voa News (Reuters). The advantages of this project are that it will create more construction and permanent jobs for people and it would bring in $17 billion in new revenue for federal state and local governments according to CapRadio (Hernandez). The disadvantage of this project is that it will worsen global warming. Global warming is especially not good in Alaska because most of the environment and wildlife in Alaska depend on cold climate weather and Global warming could just make the environment warmer which is not good. Though this project is bad for the environment, it is good for society that needs jobs and that needs oil. What are your thoughts on this? Do you think the Willow Project should be enforced and open up more jobs and oil for society, or do you think the Willow project should be stopped because the environment is more important?


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