Coping with school stress

During these times of the year, a lot of students are under lots of stress. They are trying their hardest in school to succeed. It seems like a lot and sometimes they forget to take care of their mental health. Though having good grades and getting into a good school is important, Having a good and positive mental state matters just as much. Good grades are nothing without a happy background to back Them up.

Janaya Edwards a sophomore from Baker says “I take walks after school or I ask for a break, or I just ask to go home.” 

This is one great method to insert into your school life or even your everyday life. 

Another student says 

“Teacher’s deadlines stress me out. I take breaks by journaling and maybe taking a nap.”

This idea is great because it not only helps you with minimizing the stress school puts on you, but it also helps when you have something that is just bugging you or eating you alive inside and you need to get it off of your chest. 

Lastly, this student says “I don’t allow the school to stress me out too much, I do this by listening to music and thinking about going home when I am starting to feel overwhelmed.”

This method is also very good because instead of dwelling on the negative parts of the school that may stress you out, you think of positive things that put you in a good mood and get your mind off of things. 

Giving all of these helpful tips that your peers shared, take this and insert it into your everyday life. You deserve to have a stable life mentally. Your teachers want this more than anything as well, remember to stay strong, work hard, and don’t stress yourself too much.