Origin of Valentines Day

Whenever we hear about valentine’s day we think of the four c’s: couples, cupid, and candy. To a lot of people Valentine’s Day may seem silly and unreal and like a stupid “lovey-dovey holiday” that’s not really a holiday. Valentine’s day’s origin is nothing but “lovey-dovey”, actually according to “The Pioneer Woman ” its origin is pretty dark (Bahn). According to “Country Living” The name revolved around two martyrs killed on February 14th and The Catholic Church created St Valentine’s day to honor them (Murtaugh). It may be so that Saint Valentine of Terni made the emperor at the time look like a “prominent love” according to “Country living” because, behind the emperor’s back, he was secretly officiating weddings for Roman soldiers creating “Cupid” (Murtaugh). This story could have a lot of truth to it but nobody really knows how Valentine’s day came to be, everybody celebrates it differently and thinks it originated in all kinds of ways. What are your thoughts on Valentine’s day? How do you think it originated?


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