10th Grade Creative Writing Show Case

         Love Spell Again


      Earth World

  It was a rainy day down in Louisville, Kentucky. Most people would complain about the rain being brought down from the gods. 

 Ryland Storms a humble country boy with a heart of gold and imagination almost bigger was downstairs watching TV.  

“ It’s raining cats and dogs out there.” 

Ryland’s mother Cynthia said something about the Storms family was when they talked you definitely heard their thick southern country accent and you could immediately tell where they were from.

“Well baby dinner will be done in 5 mins and it’s your favorite ribs and mac and cheese and for dessert apple pie with vanilla ice cream.”

Ryland’s brother Ryder and father Clayton all had big appetites. The Storms family was a typical country family without being racist.  They bred animals and took care of them and grew their fruit. 


  Down the street was the McClain family a wealthy black family that lived across from the Storms family.  Johnathan McClain was a businessman who owned many hotels and clubs all over the world so he traveled a lot, Trina McClain was a southern belle housewife who used to be a singer at one of her husband’s hotels, and Lola McClain a very popular with a flair for anything expensive and shiny and anything also pink or hello kitty related. Lola had a small fluffy dog called Frappe who was the love of her life right now. Frappe had been Lola’s special birthday gift from her parents.


 Ryland and Lola have been neighbors for almost 16 years. They even went to the same school where Lola almost didn’t acknowledge his presence but never the less it didn’t stop Ryland from crushing on Lola. Ryland didn’t think he had feelings for her until 7th grade when Lola returned from LA and she decided to sit next to him in all their classes, smiling and making small talk with him. Secretly, even though Lola had what every girl on Earth wanted she wanted something different and that different was Ryland she couldn’t help herself to look at him during class while reapplying lip gloss through her mirror his curly hair, sweet eyes, and pink lips, and nice muscular build did something to her. Even though her boyfriend Devon was there for her as he claimed but she knew he was cheating with her enemy Charlotte Yane. Charlotte Yane had been Lola’s enemy since 2nd grade when Charlotte claimed she would drop out of the “Little Miss Sunshine” pageant. Lola believed her until Charlotte showed up and won it was the only competition Lola had ever lost. And that made Charlotte and Lola have a rocky relationship.


God’s World

The Gods’ world was heaven in a nutshell. Talking animals, different gods and goddesses with different statuses of starter, rising, top-tier, and gods of all gods. All of the gods who had made it all had something that made them special in some sort of way that made them the best of the best. But one particular god Aphrodite was still at a rising level after being there for almost 10 years. 

Aphrodite layed in her bed sighing knowing Zeus would test her potion and if it didn’t work she would be demoted back to either earthling or starter and she would have to work even harder to get back to this little level that she barely almost got if it wasn’t for Medusa’s hair and her changing her status level to help her out. 

Aphrodite played with her cat Marie.

“Oh, Marie what would I do without you to comfort me plus this god life ain’t all that like people make it to be.”

“Well, you’d be struggling to make it out of bed on time and Zeus probably would’ve deported you to Earth by now. Oh, and Hades would’ve asked you out for the 300th time this week.”

Hades was an underworld god who had it bad for her he had been asking her out since she got there even as a starter. 

 Then all of a sudden Aphrodite’s pot started to bubble which meant she had 2 new victims for her latest trial of love potion. Aphrodite lazily got out of bed with Marie right on her trail. 

“Ooh, they look like a good match,”

Aphrodite said looking at Lola and Ryland from the pot. Then all of a sudden Hercules and Meg walked in. 

“Hey, Aphrodite you wanna go get lunch they just opened a new spot down the street.”

“Sorry, Herc I actually wanna try this new spell on these 2 teens.”

Hercules and Meg looked into the pot and gasped.

“Those are kids Aphrodite you can not just put a spell on them like.”

“ But you guys I’m telling you if we get that city girl and country boy together it could really turn some heads and he already likes her so… it could be a bit easier.”

“ I agree for once with Aphrodite  he talks about her like she’s one of us so I’m down I can’t listen to the same 7th-grade story again for the 150th time this week.”

Meg stayed silent she knew Lola liked Ryland but she wasn’t going to break the girl code for one of Aphrodite’s love spell plans again. Meg had seen Aphrodite try about 5 love spells and only 1/5th of the 5 worked because the couple got together and then broke up after 5 days of dating because a certain someone forgot to add the special ingredient to make it last forever *cough* Aphrodite *cough*.

“ Well, what if it doesn’t help them out…” “Meg I need help.” 

Lola’s voice rang through the pink clouds and right to the 3 gods standing there debating.

“ Well, that’s my cue for my girl bye-bye.”


   Earth World

Lola was in her bedroom pacing and crying at the same time while Frappe watched her while laying at the end of her bed. She had just caught Devon and Charlotte kissing in front of her locker. And did Devon feel any remorse for using Lola to climb to the top of the social circle and top of the high school food chain? Nope, when she yelled he pulled away and looked upset for 2 seconds then said, 

“Sorry it just happened but you’ll live right?”

 And then on top of that  Charlotte had the nerve to say,

 “Oopsies guess it just wasn’t meant.” 

She giggled and walked off hand in hand with Devon. After Lola decided to ditch the rest of the day she called for Meg her goddess who helped her with these problems. 

“What’s the wrong sweetpea?” 

Meg sat on Lola’s princess bed rubbing Frappe while noticing the girl’s upset state.

“You know Devon had the nerve to cheat on me with my enemy Charlotte Yane. He was talking about sorry but you’ll live, right? And Charlotte! Ooh please don’t let me get started on her. Talking about sorry I guess it just wasn’t meant to be.”

“Well, why don’t you make him jealous? I mean use someone who he knows you would never go for. Someone like that country boy you’re always secretly watching. What’s his name? I forgot it. Oh, Ryland Storms right?”

Lola started to think about that and when her thoughts were interrupted by knocking on the front door. Who could it be? Devon, asking for forgiveness, Charlotte to rub it in, or her parents, or the mailman delivering another package for her. Lola went downstairs and fixed herself up to look like she hadn’t been crying for almost 2 hours straight and taking breaks in between to plan her revenge. Lola opened the door to reveal Ryland who looked like he was going to dash it.

 “Umm… Lola, you left school earlier and the teachers wanted me to bring you your homework.”

“ Um come in I guess.”

For Lola to have done pageants all her life and to be very popular in school. She was nervous, a train wreck at that she didn’t even think Ryland would even do that even if he was asked to. Ryland was feeling very nervous to even step one foot into his crush’s house and now here he was sitting on a gray couch fiddling with his fingers while looking down.


Gods World

Aphrodite was watching the two teens from her pot that tripled as the thing she cooked with, made potions, and where to watch her next two victims of her subsequent trial of potion.

“Sweet lord this is a train wreck did Meg and Hercules not warn them to get it together because this is horrible .”

Then all of a sudden Aphrodite’s pot/cauldron when into blue flames with blue smoke emerging. Aphrodite knew it was Hades who was coming to stir the pot again and cause her more trouble. 

“ Hey, Aphro baby. What is up?”

He said smirking putting his hand around the goddess. Aphrodite took his arm off her and went back to her pot.

“Nothing is up and I’m not your baby Hades. Please stop trying and I’m was getting ready to make a call to your brother.”

“To Zeus really why him when you got all this baby.”

“I’m not your baby.”

“ So why are you calling Zeus then?”

“To find out something idiot.”

With that Aphrodite left leaving Hades there all alone with her pot.

“Well well well, looky what we have here sweet cheeks left before turning this off. Let’s see if I can help these two love birds.”

Hades had a sinister evil smile creeping up his face, meaning he would get down and dirty. When he reached into the pocket of his robe and pulled an ingredient that could make anybody hate each other for as long as they lived even in God’s world or the underworld. And the ingredient was a blue onion. Blue onions were considered bad luck in the romance area of someone’s life. Hades quickly threw the onion into the pot with a crushed black rose and stirred the pot watching the pink potion now turn an evil dark blue.

“Hmm… I think she notice this so let’s just add all of these.’’

Hades had thrown in a bunch of Aphrodite’s old failed love potions now turning the bubbling blue potion into a light purple color. The only thing Hades didn’t know was that Marie had been watching him the whole time. When Aphrodite walked in all upset,

“So how did it go, Aphrodite?”

“That’s none of your business Hades now get out of my house.”

She yelled Aphrodite was boiling with anger.

“How dare Zeus just because you are all-powerful doesn’t mean I want to watch your kids for 2 hours so you can leave me up in status. This potion is going to work and be the best potion I’ve ever made.”

“Hi, Marie baby what’s wrong with you.” 

“Aphrodite Hades messed with your potion you need to throw it out cause he put a blue onion and crushed a black rose in there.”

“He did now huh?”

“Yep and he wants you kicked out since you stole his spot.”


Earth World

Ryland and Lola were in her house making small talk when Ryland brought up the 2 names Lola didn’t want to even hear about right now.

“So um Devon and Charlotte the reason you ditched earlier?”

“No why?”

It was bothering Lola that her ex-boyfriend wasn’t even going to try and defend his spot but he was giving it up permanently.

“They’ve been walking around gloating that they’ve celebrated their 5-month anniversary and I wonder if you left because of that.”

5 months of helping Devon, doing almost whatever he wanted just to be messing around with Charlotte.

“Umm Ryland, could I ask you something?”

“Sure go ahead.”

“Would you like to hang out this weekend? I heard there’s this cool new movie showing and I was just wonder-”

“Yes! Oh I mean yeah that’s cool.”

Oh my gosh, I probably sounded desperate right in front of her. Ryland was overly excited about hanging out with Lola. 

“Well, I’ll text you the details tomorrow bye, Ryland.”

“See you. ”

Ryland walked home with the biggest smile on his face when his family quickly noticed.

“So what happened at school today that got you smiling like that.”

“Nothing really .”

“Don’t lie you talked to a girl today. so whats her name?”

“All I did was go to Lola McCain’s house and drop off some homework since she didn’t come in.”

And with that Ryland went up to his room all giddy.


Time skip


It was now the weekend of Ryland and Lola’s hangout plans. They had gone to go see a scary movie and went out for lunch and just enjoyed each other’s company. Meanwhile, Aphrodite had now just remade the potion and was trying to get Meg or Hercules to put the potion in Lola and Ryland’s drink. 

“I don’t know it might not work.”

“But it might please this is my last chance to prove to Zeus that I belong here.”

The 2 gods agreed and quickly went down to the Earth disguised so the 2 teens wouldn’t notice them. They slid into the booth behind them listening to their conversation.

“Hey, Lola I’m going to the bathroom for a minute.”


Hercules got up and followed the boy into the bathroom while Meg slide into Ryland’s spot.

“Back already that was quick… oh your not my friend.”

“Girl it’s me!”

“Meg! What are you doing here right now what if Ryland sees you and I have to explain this.”

“Don’t worry your Lil boyfriend is having this same problem right now.”

“What do you mean?”


Meg and Hercules had explained what Aphrodite’s spell would do to them and that it was for a good cause and it would help a good friend of theirs. 10 mins later Ryland came out and the two teens stared at each other before grabbing the cups of potion. They clinked the cups together and drank it down within 5 gulps. 

“That was pretty good you ready to go?”

“Yea let’s go.”

5 mins later in Ryland’s car, they were both starting to feel the potion. It started with lots of sweet talk and compliments and now they were in the backseat of his car making out. 

“Well, it seemed like her potion finally worked.”


10 years later 


Aphrodite had now become famous for her potion and was a god of all gods with Meg and Hercules. Ryland and Lola had started dating when Devon had started to beg for forgiveness. Lola didn’t forgive him even though Ryland wanted her to let go of old grudges. Now Ryland and Lola were married as well as expecting their first child together. As for Meg and Hercules, they retired from the helping game and being a god for teenagers but they were now the “God-parents” for Ryland and Lola’s little girl on the way. They even got married with 2 kids a boy and a girl named Ryan and Loella. But the most important thing was Aphrodite didn’t even need the potion for Lola and Ryland you could tell in their actions that they truly loved each other and that was all that was even needed for true love.