Bonnets and Durag Rule at Baker and How Students Feel

The new rule at Baker is no durags or bonnets. Some of our students expressed how they feel it is not fair and that should be able to wear it. “Bonnets and durags are very common things to the black community, and it is almost a part of their culture” a student expressed. Another student stated “A lot of workspaces consider bonnets and durags to be ‘unprofessional’ but to some people, it is simply a choice in style. Just like one person would prefer to wear makeup instead of no makeup, I feel we should have the choice of bonnets or durags whenever we feel fit”. “Students just may feel more comfortable with them on and might not want to show their hair” a sophomore added.

Though some students feel they should be able to wear bonnets and durags to school because it is a choice in style and it’s about cultural appropriation, some justify this rule. They feel that it expresses seriousness and professionalism in a workspace. One senior stated, “It’s school, and it’s about professionalism, you wouldn’t wear a bonnet or durag to work and you should treat school like work”. Another student feels it should be allowed but also shouldn’t, she states “It should be ok for pajama days but not every other school day”. All of these are opinions that are formulated by students, and peers. What is your take on this new rule? Do you feel that it affects you in any way and that you should care?